Paul McCartney says The Beatles were ‘threatened’ by Yoko Ono before warming up to her

Paul McCartney says The Beatles were ‘threatened’ by Yoko Ono before warming up to her

Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney are finally able to let it be.

The Japanese artist — who was in the middle of the Beatles’ struggles during her relationship with John Lennon — is back in the good graces of the remaining members of the Fab Four.

“My big awakening was, if John loves this woman, that’s gotta be right. I realized any resistance was something I had to overcome,” McCartney told Rolling Stone. “It was a little hard at first. Gradually, we did. Now it’s like we’re mates. I like Yoko. She’s so Yoko.”

Fans still blame Ono for the Beatles’ breakup, although McCartney has denied that in previous interviews.

But he still acknowledged the problems she caused as her relationship with Lennon strengthened.

“We were kind of threatened. She was sitting on the amps while we were recording. Most bands couldn’t handle that. We handled it, but not amazingly well, because we were so tight,” McCartney told Rolling Stone.

“We weren’t sexist, but girls didn’t come to the studio – they tended to leave us to it. When John got with Yoko, she wasn’t in the control room or to the side. It was in the middle of the four of us.”

The 74-year-old musician, who’s currently on tour with his One On One world tour, covers a wide range of topics in the magazine profile, including Kanye West — he called him a “great artist” but wouldn’t hang a “genius tag” on the rapper — and a possible tour with Ringo Starr — “it’s never come up.”


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