Paul McCartney’s Top Six Guitar Solos with The Beatles


As a musician, Paul McCartney is probably best known for his creative, melodic Beatles and Wings bass lines. But he’s always been a guitarist at heart.

The guitar was, after all, his first instrument (if you ignore the trumpet his father gave him for his 14th birthday), and it’s always been his main songwriting tool.

And while George Harrison played the bulk of the Fab Four’s lead guitar parts (especially in the band’s early years), McCartney occasionally—and understandably—claimed the lead-guitar spotlight, as did rhythm guitarist John Lennon (and Cream’s Eric Clapton, on one famous occasion).

On that note, here are McCartney’s top six (yes, six) electric guitar solos as a member of the Beatles. Enjoy!

06. “Back in the USSR,” The Beatles, aka the White Album (1968)

By the White Album era, the days of the Beatles sticking to their traditional roles were very much over. In this case, McCartney wrote the song, sang it and played drums on it. Why not play lead guitar, too?
The solo, which follows the melody line, is simple but effective—and don’t forget his fine, fast, alternate picking during the last verse.


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