Sir George Martin left an estate worth more than £1million


Beatles producer Sir George Martin left an estate worth more than £1million but failed to leave anything to his eldest son following a rift that has torn the family apart.
Father-of-four Sir George, often described as ‘The Fifth Beatle’, died peacefully at his home in Coleshill, near Swindon, in March aged 90.
He helped The Beatles achieve global success, producing their early 1960s pop recordings and classic albums Revolver and Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
It has now emerged that he left a £1million estate in his will, with the majority of it being left to his second wife Judy.

He specified that an amount small enough to avoid UK inheritance tax should shared between seven people, including his daughter Alexis – from his first marriage to Jean ‘Sheena’ Chisholm – and three of his grandchildren.
His former chauffeur, his secretary, and a niece are also recipients.
However, his wayward older son Greg, with whom he had a troubled relationship, has not been left a penny.
The rest of his estate has been left to Judy and the document states that if she had died before Sir George, her bequest would have gone to their children Lucie and Giles ‘in equal shares absolutely’.
Giles Martin is the musical director of the long-running, Beatles-based Cirque Du Soleil show LOVE in Las Vegas, which grosses millions of dollars a year.


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