Why Paul McCartney Probably Won’t Tour With Ringo Starr

Why Paul McCartney Probably Won't Tour With Ringo Starr

Paul McCartney has a logical reason for why he doesn’t foresee himself touring with former Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr.

“It’s never come up,” he told Rolling Stone. “We come together for things like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But to actually tour together; leave well enough alone.”

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McCartney, 74, added that his apprehension doesn’t necessarily have to do with fans’ perceiving such an event as a Beatles reunion.

“I don’t think either of us have ever thought, ‘Why do it, or why not,’” he said. “It’s just that our roads are parallel, with intersections and diversions. He’s a great drummer, man. He has a feel that nobody else has. As to going out on the road, it might be complicated.”

McCartney discussed a wide variety of topics for the cover story of the magazine’s next issue, including whether there is any unreleased music left in The Beatles’ vaults.

“There’s a few things,” he says, though admitting he’s unsure whether the material is worthwhile.

He also talked about his recent collaborations with rap star Kanye West, and explained how West cleverly incorporated a guitar riff McCartney wrote decades ago into the single “All Day.”

As for whether he thinks West is a genius, Sir Paul says with a laugh, “I don’t throw that word around. I think he’s a great artist.”

In addition, McCartney revealed that no one in his life has replaced the collaborative musical relationship he had with John Lennon.

“It’s very difficult,” he explained. “You can’t top John. And John couldn’t top Paul.”

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  1. You worked so hard when you was young. and you want to be in the top. but then you lost something something that you started when you were young. That feeling when you was young. It’s hard to get it back once you reach certain age. And something so Beautiful you had is all gone. The music Will live forever. And the friendship that you have will remain depending love you. Think back what you didn’t have and what you have now.

  2. Get George and John’s sons to play with you and Ringo for one great Tour it would make America Happy Again!!! At least get together with the for an Album or something it would be fun! I know I’m asking too much but just imagine the Magical music that would be made if Lennon McCartney Harrison and Starr would come together again? I have a dream … :)

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