5 Surprising Ways John Lennon Changed the World

5 Surprising Ways John Lennon Changed the World

4. Lennon’s Song “Imagine” has become an international anthem to peace.

Issued by Apple Records in the United States in October 1971, “Imagine” became the best-selling single of Lennon’s career as a solo artist.

In 1999, Broadcast Music, Inc., one of the world’s largest the performing rights business, named “Imagine” one of the top 100 most-performed songs of the 20th century. Rolling Stone magazine in 2004 placed it third on it list of “The 500 Great Songs of All Time” describing it as “an enduring hymn of solace and promise.”

In Imagine: The Story of a Song, I point out that former president Jimmy Carter told NPR, “in many countries around the world — my wife and I have visited about 125 countries — you hear John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’ used almost equally with national anthems. So John Lennon has had a major impact on some of the countries that are developing in the world.”


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