8 things we learned from the new Paul McCartney biography

8 things we learned from the new Paul McCartney biography

Paul McCartney, who was born on June 18, 1942 in Liverpool, is renowned as a former Beatles star and one of the world’s greatest songwriters. Here’s some surprising things we learned from Philip Norman’s new 800-plus life story of the singer, Paul McCartney: The Biography.

1) McCartney believed he was on ‘the scrap heap’ following the break-up of The Beatles

Despite a post-Beatles career that has produced 17 solo albums and a further seven with his band Wings, McCartney felt that his time as a musician was over when The Beatles split in 1970.

“I don’t know how anyone could have lived with me,” McCartney explains in the book, paying tribute to his first wife, Linda, who died in 1998. “I was on the scrap heap in my own eyes… It was a barrelling, empty feeling that just rolled across my soul.”

2) He missed his very first gig with John Lennon

Most Beatles fans know that McCartney and Lennon were in a band together during the late Fifties called The Quarrymen. Less well known is that McCartney failed to turn up for his first gig with the band. The reason? An evening with the Boy Scouts.

McCartney eventually made his debut with The Quarrymen on October 18 1957.

3) He also missed the very first meeting with Brian Epstein

He didn’t make it easy for himself, did he? While the rest of The Beatles turned up on time for a meeting with future manager Brian Epstein at the entrepreneur’s record store, McCartney was less punctual.

When it transpired that McCartney was in the bath, Epstein lamented: “He’s going to be very late.” Quick as a flash, George Harrison responded: “But very clean.”

4) He once told Linda: ‘There’s only one effing star in this family.’

News that Linda was being interviewed for a ghost-written autobiography angered McCartney, who was unwilling to surrender much of the limelight to his wife.

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