8 things we learned from the new Paul McCartney biography

8 things we learned from the new Paul McCartney biography

5) He was ‘terrified of being raped’ in a Japanese prison

When McCartney was arrested for smuggling marijuana into Japan in 1980, he ended up with a nine-day jail sentence at Kosuge Prison, Tokyo.

It was a tough regime, which included a 6am start, cleaning duties and nothing but a mat to sleep on. Above all, though, McCartney was ‘terrified of being raped’. Fortunately, McCartney won over the other prisoners with A cappella renditions of Yesterday.

6) His girlfriend’s mother used to comb his leg hair

Yes, you did read that sentence correctly. Apparently, during the two years that McCartney was in a relationship with Iris Caldwell, he became so close to her family that Caldwell’s mother had no qualms about coiffuring his leg hair.

But, as Philip Norman’s book reveals, McCartney always enjoyed a close relationship with the mothers of his girlfriend. Jane Asher’s mother offered up her basement as a recording studio, while also doing McCartney’s laundry. Most importantly of all, though, Margaret Asher introduced McCartney to a piano teacher. Behind every great man etc.

7) All The Beatles were present when George Harrison lost his virginity

Doesn’t bear thinking about. And With a Little Help from My Friends may never sound the same.

8) McCartney could memorise all his music

This ability was put to the test when he and Linda were held-up at knife-point on holiday in Nigeria.

No matter that the thieves had stolen a bag full of demos for Band on the Run, the 1973 album by Paul McCartney and the Wings… McCartney had it all in his head.

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