Beatles Children Where Are They Now


Many musicians – and music fans – consider themselves children of the Beatles and the band’s artistic legacy. But there are 15 individuals who are literally children of the Fab Four, many of whom have been, or continue to be, involved in creative fields. In the list below, we take a look at the progeny of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, including the musicians’ birth children, adopted children and stepchildren. Find out what the Beatles’ kids have been doing … yesterday and today.

Heather McCartney
Born: Dec. 31, 1962

Paul gained a stepdaughter when he got married in 1969. Heather See was born to Linda Eastman from her marriage to geologist Joseph Melville See, Jr., but was raised mostly by her mother after her parents separated after less than two years together. When Paul and Linda married, the Beatles bassist took the steps to adopt Heather as his own daughter. Her last name was changed and, to this day, she considers Paul her dad.
As she grew up, Heather took an interest in photography, art and pottery, becoming a well-respected potter as an adult and beginning a line of houseware items in 1999. After losing her mother to cancer in 1998, Heather’s birth father committed suicide in 2000. She now lives in a cottage on her adopted father’s Sussex estate.


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