Beatles’ ‘Revolver’: 15 Things You Didn’t Know

Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ 15 Things You Didn’t Know

3. Paul McCartney played the guitar solo on “Taxman.”

Prior to Revolver, George Harrison handled just about every guitar solo in the Beatles’ catalog, excepting a few forays by Lennon (the first solo on “Long Tall Sally,” for instance).
He was also granted limited space as a writer and singer on each earlier Beatles LP, but Revolver was his coming-out moment. The album featured three of his cuts, including the opening “Taxman,” the taut, high-energy track that establishes the record’s mood. But Harrison didn’t play its fuzzed-out, virtuosic solo.
“There was a bit of tension on that session,” Emerick recalls, “because George had a great deal of trouble playing the solo – in fact, he couldn’t even do a proper job of it when we slowed the tape down to half speed. After a couple of hours of watching him struggle, both Paul and George Martin starting becoming quite frustrated – this was, after all, a Harrison song and therefore not something anyone was prepared to spend a whole lot of time on.”
Ouch. Enter, then, McCartney, who played one of the decade’s finest solos. Harrison’s mark as a guitarist would be better made with the backwards sequence on “I’m Only Sleeping,” and his R&B-style break on McCartney’s “Got to Get You Into My Life.”


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