John Lennon assassination conspiracy- why Chapman didn’t bothered to escape after shooting?

Fans of John Lennon during One Hour After John Lennon was Shot by Mark David Chapman at the Dakota - December 8, 1980 at Outside of Dakota Gate in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage)

First Post : Conspiracy theories john Lennon assassination- the uncensored possibilities

A mystery that had still remained unveiled, after 30 years of John Lennon’s assassination is why the shooter Mark Chapman didn’t attempted to ran away after shooting Lennon. The instance hints on the involvement of the political interventions that had influenced Chapman so intensely that he had his own conviction behind the act.

The murder of the legendary John Lennon on 8th December, 1980 has always been a matter of controversy and had triggered several sort of conspiracy. One of the evidences that had acted as the impetus towards the assassination is that, Mark Chapman, the gunman who blew the fatal blow, never attempted to run out of the scene and calmly waited for the arrival of the cops and eventually surrendered.

Why Chapman didn’t run away?

Chapman’s act of not attempting for an escape, that he could have done easily raises the possibility that the gunman was having sound convictions on what he was doing. The conspiracy theories even involved the participation of the political bodies as consequences of Lennon’s radicalism.

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  1. This article is written in exceptionally bad English – “why the shooter didn’t attempted to run away”, this is so badly written I couldn’t read further… Please read a book – or two before assuming you can write. This is like out-of-tune music, food that wasn’t cooked properly…

  2. This is total B.S. Lennon had not been in the public eye for at least 5 years the scumbag who killed him did it for fame ,end of story!

    1. Lennon had been back in the public eye for a couple of months. That is certainly long enough for sick minded power hungry elements to put together a plan to eliminate a Jesus like-persona of modern times from making his fresh rise in popularity. Like it or not, the concept is certainly not bs.

      1. My belief is, Lennon was murdered by a “sick” individual, who wanted to become famous. Since he was upset with Lennon over a Newsweek interview recently, he decided to end his life. I don’t think it was any kind of conspiracy (government or any other) this guy was mentally ill. Now, if Lennon was assassinated, say, in 1972-73 (when the FBI was following him and tapping his phones), then I would say, you may have a point. Sadly, if Chapman had committed suicide successfully (before he met Lennon) then the world would certainly be a happier place.

  3. This is the worst grammar I have ever seen in print:

    “didn’t bothered to escape” – this is from the headline!

    “why the shooter Mark Chapman didn’t attempted”

    “One of the evidences”

    “Chapman’s act of not attempting for an escape”

  4. I think the bigger question to the conspiracy nuts is, why bother? The author reinforced (at least it looks that way once the grammar is deciphered) the notion that it was not a conspiracy. If it was, 1) the assassin would have better resources, including an escape route, a long rifle, alibis, etc., and 2) if the government intended to knock him off, they’d have done when it mattered. By 1980 Lennon was so far beyond the intersection of government giving a shit that it simply makes no sense. Why bother?

  5. 1. Horrible English. Terribly written article. Has the feel of a Nigerian scam email About a dead tribal princes his inheritance or something

    2. Non factual.

  6. Read Fenton Bresler. There is no conspiracy theory only conspiracy fact. If you look at John’s interview with Bob Harris from 1975 on you tube somebody has seen fit to edit out the whole section when he tells of his fear at being followed by the secret service and having his phone tapped…why? He had been given a green card to stay in the United States under Jimmy Carter yet within hours of Ronald Regan becoming President Elect he was gunned down in the street by a man who gives himself up (once somebody is arrested there is no need for further investigation). The CIA knew that Lennon could lead a million people onto the streets within hours of any move they made and it was the start of the Republican push to wipe out The Counter Culture of which John Lennon was the undisputed figurehead. They feared him so they did what they always do…no mystery.

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