John Lennon Assassination Reason- A Topic Of Unending Debate


They say, nothing happened without a reason; therefore the mournful instances of assassination hold its own motive as well. One of the most controversial assassinations of John Lennon had its own reasons, though it had been a matter of debate, even after 30 years from the day it happened.

Mark Chapman’s motive to stab John Lennon

The exact reason for the stabbing of John Lennon is still a matter of controversy. Though, the killer was known as Mark Chapman, his motives behind the act are still a matter of debate and assumption.

While in the opinion of a particular segment, it had the intervention of the Political personalities, another house considers that Mark, being a pious Christian, was seriously offended by John’s thoughts or radicalism and inspired by the novel catcher in the rye, decided to give him the brutal blow so that his radical thoughts are not getting induced to the youths.


4 thoughts on “John Lennon Assassination Reason- A Topic Of Unending Debate

  1. No he wasn’t! he was gun down by Mark David Chapman after getting John Lennon to sign an autograph, and it happen right in front of John Lennon own home.

  2. An assassination so highly known, and the impact felt by millions for years.. and here is a website offering insight yet says he was stabbed? and also, English obviously isn’t the 1st language the writer(s)? speak.. your offerings are disappointing to say the least

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