Lennon or McCartney?: We May Finally Have The Answer

Lennon or McCartney We May Finally Have The Answer

In My Life

The release doesn’t reveal any big surprises, other than that McCartney might have misremembered when he claimed in a 1970s interview he wrote the melody for “In My Life,” a song from the Rubber Soul album considered quintessential Lennon.

“The probability that “In My Life” was written by McCartney is .018,” Glickman says in the release, “which basically means it’s pretty convincingly a Lennon song.”

Another Rubber Soul song called “The Word,” sung by Lennon and generally thought to be mostly written by him, turned out to have all the touches of McCartney, according to the model. (McCartney also sang this song in concert in 2011; it’s rare for McCartney to cover a number on which Lennon sang lead vocal. A clue to his authorship?)

If future analysis shows that McCartney wrote the classic Lennon song “I am the Walrus,” Lennon’s quip in the tune “Glass Onion” — “The walrus was Paul” — will finally be understood. But that would create a world where up is down and vice versa. Some Beatles fans might have heart attacks.


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