Paul McCartney considers releasing Beatles studio outtakes

Paul McCartney performing live in concert during his   'Out There' tour at Liverpool Echo Arena

Featuring: Paul McCartney
Where: Liverpool, United Kingdom
When: 28 May 2015
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Paul McCartney is considering going back to the Beatles’ vaults and unearthing outtakes from the Fab Four’s recording sessions to see if they are fit for release.
The rocker admits he “always loved” the banter between himself and his bandmates while they were creating musical magic, and he thinks fans might be interested in listening in.

“We always had this two-track tape recorder running in case we came up with a little jam,” he tells Rolling Stone. “‘Take 36, what was that like?’ But it was actually a chronicle of our dialogue.

“There’s one bit I particularly liked – we were doing I Saw Her Standing There. I went, ‘I can’t do it. I haven’t got my plec’. We didn’t call them guitar picks, we called them plectrums. John (Lennon) said, ‘Where is it?’ – this in our thick Liverpool accents. ‘I think I left it in my suitcase’. John goes, ‘Ah, soft a**’. ‘Soft a**? I’ll give you a soft a**’.”

Macca is also musing the idea of revisiting the Beatles’ 14-minute experimental work Carnival of Light, which the band only played once in 1967.

“Is it worthwhile?” he asks. “The thing about the Beatles, they were a damn hot little band. No matter what you hear, even stuff that we thought was really bad, it doesn’t sound so bad now. Because it’s the Beatles.”

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2 thoughts on “Paul McCartney considers releasing Beatles studio outtakes

  1. I have many of the “Alternate” album releases..obvious boots..but very well designed and packaged. Interesting….Am sure if Paul oversaw the production of outs…they would be mastered for a much better sound. Sure hope he goes with that plan.

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