Paul McCartney in Manhattan

Paul McCartney in Manhattan

It was noon on a warm Monday in early July (July 2nd to be exact) and due to the impending holiday, one of the quietest weeks on even the busiest New York streets. I was on a lunch break from work and making my way to a dentist appointment. At the northwest corner of 5th Ave and 54th St, a man in shorts and a t-shirt exits a tinted SUV on 5th Ave and walks just a few feet in front of me, down 54th St. On the phone with my sister, I say, “Holy Sh*t! Paul McCartney just walked past me!” My sister responds, “Follow him and get a picture!” In somewhat of shock, I continue in the opposite direction of Sir Paul McCartney.

After a block, I realize that I need to see where Paul was going, pull myself together and get a picture with him (and maybe even exchange a few words). When in my life would I have this chance?!? I walk briskly back to 54th St, make a right and see him ahead. The street is quiet and only a duo ahead realize that Paul McCartney is in their presence. I am just steps behind him, with my iPhone camera application open and ready, when Paul turns to a man who is seemingly homeless (and overdressed in this extreme heat), bends down, smiles and speaks to him for a minute (I did not see whether money was handed over or not). The man, smiling, says a few words in response. I stood there, mesmerized by the moment, the juxtaposition — one of the wealthiest men in the world, alone on this hot New York City day, taking a moment to say ‘hi’ to someone on the streets that may not have a penny to their name.

This exchange was the perfect representation of compassion –  social class or status did not matter, as it should not. I wanted to share this image and story because humanity can (continue) to learn from Sir McCartney. And, if you’re wondering, I couldn’t interrupt the moment and therefore I didn’t end up getting my picture with Paul, but this image will do just fine. 

5 thoughts on “Paul McCartney in Manhattan

    1. Paul’s all about love. A very beautiful story, thank you for sharing. God Bless Paul and God Bless that homeless man.

  1. What a wonderful story about one of the four men who changed my life when I was growing up. Stories like this show that they were as real as their words.

  2. What a beautiful story and very selfless of you to not interrupt the moment. I’m guessing it might not have gone over that well anyway.
    The universe thanks both you and Paul for the karma.

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