Paul Mccartney’s Children

Paul Mccartney's Children

James McCartney

james mccartney

James Louis McCartney (born 12 September 1977) is a British musician and songwriter living in London. He is the only son of songwriter and former Beatle Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney. He has contributed to a number of solo albums by his parents, including Flaming Pie (1997) and Driving Rain (2001) by Paul McCartney and Wide Prairie (1998) by Linda McCartney.

He has released two EPs and two albums. His most recent, The Blackberry Train, was released on 6 May 2016.

James Louis McCartney was born in London on 12 September 1977. He is the only son of songwriter and former Beatle Paul McCartney and Paul’s first wife, Linda McCartney. He was named after both his paternal grandfather Jim McCartney and his father, whose full name is James Paul McCartney, as well as Linda’s late mother, heiress Louise Linder Eastman.

He spent the first two and a half years of his life on the road while his parents toured with their band Wings. After the band broke up in 1980, the McCartney family settled in Rye, East Sussex. He attended the local state secondary school, the Thomas Peacocke Community College. He has stated his earliest inspiration to learn guitar was Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future. He began playing music when his father gave him a Fender Stratocaster at age nine. The guitar had previously been owned by Carl Perkins.

In 1989, McCartney, with his older sisters Mary McCartney and Stella McCartney, again joined Paul and Linda on a world tour. He continued his education with a tutor while on the road. In 1993, at age 16, while surfing with friends, he was swept out to sea. Coast-guard was called and his family rushed to the site, but he emerged safe on his own 40 minutes later. In 1995, James introduced his sister Mary to television producer Alistair Donald, whom she would later marry.

On 17 April 1998, in Tucson, Arizona, James, along with his father and sisters, was at his mother’s side when she died from breast cancer, which had been diagnosed in 1995. Later that year, McCartney graduated from Bexhill College, near his home in East Sussex, where he pursued studies in A-level Art and Sculpture.

James McCartneyJames Louis McCartney

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