These 60 Awesome Candid Snapshots of The Beatles Taken by Their Fans During the 1960s You Might Have Never Seen Before


Since the early 1960s the Beatles and their music have appealed to audiences all over the world. The intense fan frenzy directed toward British rock band The Beatles during the early years of their success. The phenomenon began in 1963 and continued past the band’s breakup in 1970. Here, we collected 60 candid snapshots of The Beatles taken by their fans during the 1960s.

The-Beatles-snapshots-60s-1 The-Beatles-snapshots-60s-2 The-Beatles-snapshots-60s-3 The-Beatles-snapshots-60s-4 The-Beatles-snapshots-60s-5 The-Beatles-snapshots-60s-7 The-Beatles-snapshots-60s-8


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