Thieves break into Sir Paul McCartney’s €10 million home


Sir Paul McCartney’s £10million London home was burgled just days before his historic homecoming gig in Liverpool this week, it was revealed today.

The Met was called to the north-West London mansion last Friday where officers found ‘signs of forced entry’ – but the thieves had fled.

The Beatles star, 76, had played in Vienna the night before raiders broke into his British home, which is covered in CCTV cameras and is surrounded by high walls.

But determined not to let the burglary prevent him launching the UK leg of his Freshen Up tour, Sir Paul took to the stage in Liverpool on Wednesday and the crime only emerged last night.

His spokesman declined to reveal if Sir Paul or his third wife, Nancy Shevell, were in the London property when the intruders struck.

Thieves targeted Sir Paul’s home in London on Friday night (right) with the Metropolitan Police telling the Daily Mail no arrests have been made and inquiries continue. The former Beatles singer (Sir Paul is pictured left last night) did not let the incident phase him as he took to the stage in Liverpool on Wednesday

Recalling the incident, a neighbour told the Daily Mail: ‘There were blue flashing lights and police everywhere — four or five cars.

‘All the lights were on in the house. The police were all over it.’

A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirms that officers responded to a break-in at 6.20pm last Friday. ‘We attended and identified signs of forced entry,’ he said.

Sir Paul, 76, had performed in Austrian capital Vienna the night before.

But the incident will inevitably be a cause for concern to McCartney, who, say locals, does his utmost to live a normal life in London.

‘He walks around without a bodyguard, chats with people, walks in the park,’ says one. ‘But he does get people hanging around.

‘The house has got cameras all over it, so I don’t know how they got in. It must be worrying. After what happened to John Lennon, you’ve got to be pretty bloody careful.’

The Metropolitan Police say that no arrests have been made and their inquiries continue.

The former Beatles singer did not let the incident phase him as he took to the stage in Liverpool on Wednesday.

And delivered a full, 38-song package to launch the UK leg of his Freshen Up tour – scheduled to last until December 16 where he will perform at London’s 02 Arena.

There was a cheer as he walked onstage – fist-bumping the air and shrugging in mock surprise – and an even louder one to greet the iconic opening chord of A Hard Day’s Night.

He delivered a bold mix of hits with equally-deserving, if lesser-known, gems, and showed just how much joy he still gets from playing them.

Sir Paul has previously expressed concern over the possibility of thieves targeting his home in north London.

In 2009 his security team reportedly asked for the property to be removed from Google Street View after Sir Paul became ‘unsettled’ that people could see it online.

It came at a time when the search engine giant’s service was under fire over its possible use by burglars to research targets.

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