Yellow Submarine Facts

Yellow Submarine Facts

Here is really quick and cool yellow submarine’s fact that you can read and share with your Beatles lover friend.

Paul got the idea to write the song Yellow Submarine “in a twilight zone.” He said:”I was just drifting of to sleep and there’s that nice twilight zone as you drift off. I remember thinking that it would be a good idea to write a children’s song. I thought of images and the colour yellow came to me and a submarine came to me and I thought ‘That’s kind of nice; like a toy, very childish yellow submarine.”‘

The Beatles contributed many ideas for the movie. One night John rang producer Al Brodax at 3:00 am to say: “Wouldn’t it be great if Ringo was followed down the street by a yellow submarine?” And so it was.

The Yellow Submarine movie had its origins in a TV cartoon series starring animated Beatles that was screened in the USA from Sept 1965. The series, which ran for 39 episodes, was screened on ABC TV. It was produced to Al Brodax, who later persuaded Beatles manager Brian Epstein to allow him to produce a full-length feature film, Yellow Submarine.

Donovan is said to have given a little help to the writing of the song Yellow Submarine, when Paul was missing a line for his number about the sub. Donovan contributed “sky of blue, sea of green, in our yellow submarine”.

The producers deleted the Hey Bulldog sequence from the original USA version of the movie. In recent years, Hey Bulldog has been lauded by more fans and critics alike as one of the best songs from the film.

The Yellow Submarine movie cost $1 million to produce in 1968, with approximately 200 animators working on the drawing of the movie.

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